Younified platform - a single app for personnel, order and warehouse management

How can apps governing separate aspects of a company interact with each other, allowing proactive, simple and immediate control and increased productivity?

The answer is the YOUnified Platform

Flexibility, growth, ease of use, dialogue among applications:

these are the main features of the platform.

Integration and automation, combined with greater visibility, mean that you can dedicate your time to business development and your customers, leaving to the platform the task of collecting, processing and displaying useful data.

What is YOUnified Platform

The YOUnified Platform is the main Service Integration element. Through a single device you you can access all your services, monitoring and keeping under control what you care about the most: your company!

How it works

Thanks to the YOUNIVERSE you can access the main dashboard, a customizable and profilable tool, to have at your fingertips all the information and statistics you need.

  • A single account for all services
  • Immediate visibility of useful data
  • Profile customizations
  • A new desktop with everything you need to control your business

The Younified Platform consists of three specific modules:

  • Youniverse
  • App Module
  • Api Module

Download the data sheet for all the details and advantages of the Younified Platform.

Download the data sheet.

Contact us for more information and to receive your YOUnified Platform quote.

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