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Life changes in an instant. It’s 2015. It was difficult at that time to be able to look beyond the daily routine and make plans for the future. But we didn’t give up. We couldn’t. We didn’t listen to those who blocked our path with doubts and uncertainty. We chose those who did not ask us “why?”, but rather “why not?”.
We had a dream and wanted it to become reality: a company that was great to work for, where passion was the norm. And we became a team, with a shared project, a common mission in which individual differences become strengths and valued for their uniqueness. So what is impossible for others has become possible for us. Life changes in an instant: that instant when we decided to believe in our dream”.

Cesare Pizzuto, Managing Director

SMI, Smart Managed Innovation, offers advanced and diversified services in the IT sector: management of workstations, cloud platforms, software development, design of IoT solutions, design of building automation infrastructures and management of corporate security.
And much more. SMI is gradually becoming a full Service Integrator, capable of introducing and managing the innovation that is making today’s companies pulsate.