We always like to start from “Us”.
We were once professionals who had a dream: to innovate. In 2015, pooling together many years of work experience, we created a technologically advanced consulting company to support organizations with their digital transformation journey. Today we design and implement IT infrastructures, manage processes and support SMEs, large companies and public or private bodies with systems of superior quality.

We’re passionate. It’s not enough for us to be competent. We are very lucky to be passionate about what we do. And it is this passion that drives us to turn technology into a tool for finding the most effective solutions for our customers.

We’re curious. Innovation is a human universe with new territories to develop. We want to explore what’s new and gain knowledge that we can then offer to our customers, who we listen to constantly in order to build lasting partnerships.

Together we can look far ahead into the future. Our professionals, our minds, our energy sources. Without them, nothing we have achieved would have been possible. Today SMI can count on the experience, expertise and passion of 60 employees. A young and purposeful staff, whose average age is 42. Gender equality is a virtuous model for us, and we have applied it successfully: SMI currently employs 50% women and 50% men.

SMI, explore a new youniverse.