When faced with a change of scenario, SMI is your ideal System Integrator, constantly studying evolving technologies and carefully analysing the customer’s specific situation and relative context.

In the field of measurement technologies several instruments are available on the global market. SMI has identified several solutions to meet possible needs relating to this particular time.

Counting people flows

In order to restrict gatherings it is possible to limit the maximum number of people who are able to access a venue.

Body temperature measurement in physical passages

In the presence of manned turnstiles or physical passages, it is possible to add a temperature-measuring device to authorise the passage.

Measuring body temperature without a physical passage

Where there are spaces in front of entrances or waiting rooms, it is possible to install one or more cameras capable of measuring body temperature and denying access when necessary.

Contact tracking devices in corporate environments

In order to monitor contacts within the company using bluetooth devices, it is possible to track in real time the distance between people in work environments and customize operations based on corporate needs.

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